Hello Dear Client,

On the 29th of November 2020 we commenced a network maintenance to address an ongoing local network congestion on our layer 2 switches. I'd like you to hear our side of the story and how our NetOps team successfully completed this during a 7-day period.

How it started?

This intermittent network congestion started making a noticeable impact during our recent Black Friday sale, where a majority of clients were signing up and benchmarking our network. Because of this the layer 2 networks got busier than usual, making it more susceptible to malicious activity and impacting network performance. This caused serious packet loss on your compute instances.

It was not you, it was us! 

During the past year, our NetOps team was busy doing research on how to preserve our existing infrastructure scalability, while addressing the core issue in our layer 2 networks.

The existing infrastructure scalability I refer to consists of:

  1. Attach any IP address to any compute instance (Floating IP concept) 
  2. Live migration (moving servers from one physical node to another with zero downtime)

The research and testing were successful; we had a Plan A and a Plan B. This maintenance was planned to begin early in January 2021, however with the significant impact to our new and old clients, we expedited the planned maintenance into action on the 29th of November 2020.

It was completed as planned on the 5th of December 2020 and here are the improvements that we saw:

  1. 70% performance gain on our node CPUs
  2. 90% resilience gain on our layer 2 networks
  3. 100% Vertical scalability on our layer 2 networks
  4. Ability to enable the DDoS protected network on our Windows Cloud Servers.

During the maintenance, we also calculated an average connection interruption of 20 minutes for a majority of our clients. Hence, I thank all our customers who went through this maintenance window, and as promised please visit here to claim SLA on your affected services.

Once again, I thank you all for choosing CloudCone for your hosting infrastructure.

Best regards,
Founder and C.E.O
CloudCone, LLC.