Hello there

We're aware of an intermittent internal network congestion occurring at our Layer 2 switches, and this email is to let you know that we have outlined a maintenance windows to address it.

The maintenance is scheduled to take place starting Nov 29th, 2020. We expect this maintenance to result in a much more stable network environment for your Cloud Instance.

We will email you with updates with regard to the maintenance on, if you haven't already subscribed, please do.

I have outlined a few general questions about this maintenance and the underlying issue.

What will happen to my server during the maintenance?

  1. Your server will be re-booted for the number of IPv4 addressed you have (if your server has two IPv4s, it will be re-booted twice, and likewise.)
  2. A short network interruption should happen until your server is re-booted.
  3. Cloud Firewall rules will need to be re-added, if you're currently using it. 

Is my server affected with the ongoing congestion?

Not all of our clients are affected, however, certain clients on certain Hypervisor Nodes are affected.

How is my server affected with the ongoing congestion?

  1. Certain clients tend to experience an intermittent packet loss on their Compute Instance.
  2. Certain clients tend to experience slower network speed within their Compute Instance.

Is my data affected?

No, nothing inside your Compute Instance is touched, as this is a network level maintenance.

Anything else I need to know?

  1. The Cloud Firewall will be temporarily disabled until maintenance complete.
  2. Adding IPv6 addresses will be temporarily disabled until maintenance complete.

Is this maintenance eligible for SLA credits?

Yes, SLA credits shall be give to customers who request.

Please bear with us until the maintenance is complete from our end. We also like you to know, that this is in our top priority! 🙂

We always appreciate choosing us as your Cloud Hosting Provider.

Thanks for understanding and take care!

CloudCone, LLC